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About a month ago, I discovered a local blogsite, Style Blueprint, which is co-authored by Elizabeth Fox and Liza Graves.  The site is their personal take on many of my favorite subjects: interior design, fashion, food, shopping, etc.  Ironically, it was a customer from Birmingham that told me about Style Blueprint.  She had just moved here and was on the hunt for unique places to shop.  “Birmingham is all about locally owned businesses in quaint little villages,” she informed me.  I countered that while Nashville may be lacking  in the “quaint village” department, we definitely have some excellent stores: think AshBlue, Pastiche, Margi’s Chair and Chair Alike, The Paper Place, The Perfect Pair, The Dotted Line, Woo Skincare + Cosmetics and Habit.  And those are within walking distance of my store!


I subscribed to Style Blueprint that afternoon, and then read a funny “countdown” post about Elizabeth’s house being included on the Whitland Home Tour, which starts tomorrow.  I emailed  them with a proposition: what if our floral designer, Jessica Gainey, did some arrangements for her house, and in return, Elizabeth could blog about it on their site?  It worked out and we’ve had an excellent response. She plans on doing a follow-up post next week with pictures of her house, including Jessica’s arrangements.

I guess this is where the power of “viral marketing” comes into play.  They blog about me; I blog about them; we both do Twitter and Facebook posts, and everyone comes out a winner.

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For starters, I’ve been in business for 10+ years, which is reason enough to celebrate.  I see it as a way to communicate with friends, family, the media, my customers, and the “world at large” in an easy, informal manner.  Just last month, I put up a store Facebook page and started doing Twitter.  Prior to that, it was an eBay store, email newsletters, and a website.  So a blog seems like the next logical step.

This past summer has been a productive one.  I’m representing two new artists, Clay Binkley and Kirke Martin, which brings the total up to six.  I plan on profiling each in upcoming posts.   Also, a talented floral designer, Jessica Gainey, is working here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11 am – 3 pm.  On the morning of her first day, an interior designer asked Jessica to do 35+ arrangements for a client’s newly built house in Williamson County.  Within three weeks, the materials were ordered in and they were done!

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